UNO Green (Available in Roll Finger & Negative Cut)


Available in either Roll Finger or Negative Cut, the Save All Shots UNO Roll features a high quality giga-grip latex palm to ensure optimum grip and ball control in both dry & wet conditions. – An extremely popular cut, the roll finger is designed and implemented to provide optimum ball to hand contact area. The latex surrounds the fingers and is joined straight onto the backhand which allows the latex to wrap around the finger giving the glove a comfortable fit.

Roll Finger -Roll finger Cut is a very popular glove cut among goalkeepers. The cut can be recognized by its large contact area and a larger amount of latex on the palm. The latex is rolled around the fingers which makes the glove perfect for a goalkeeper who wants a tighter fit and a great latex-to-ball-contact.

Negative Cut -Negative Cut is a popular choice for goalkeepers. The cut can be recognized by its stitches being on the inside contrary to the other glove cuts. This gives you a tighter fit and a ball control as if you were playing barehanded.

Palm – The high-quality giga-grip is suitable for both wet & dry conditions. A very popular latex that is utilised by professional goalkeepers around the world offers extra cushioning when making saves as well as high performance grip technology.

Backhand – The UNO Blackout backhand is developed for extensive comfort and support, breathability mesh is included to allow air to flow freely through the hand and glove. The 4mm latex backhand also offers extra aid to punched clearances by giving extra support to the hand when making contact with the ball.

Wrist – The wrist strap is designed to offer extra support to the wrist when saving the most ferocious shots on goal with the strap band offering tight protection around the area.

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